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To increase the availability of targeted programmes in our communities. We are also committed to enabling young lives and developing excellence in learners with disabilities in an inclusive environment.
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About us

So He Cares is a registered international Community Interest Company established by committed educational practitioners in 2014. We are committed to working with the Community, the local council and parents alike with the aim to empower the child. The child/young person is at the heart of all our activities particularly those with learning difficulties and those experiencing social deprivation and disadvantage.
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Our Community Services

  • Social and Emotional Skills

    We aim to empower children, young persons and families through our highly interactive sessions.

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  • EHCP Health Checks and Writers

    We handle all EHC plans as priceless and operational documents, available to families and professionals and legally compliant to respond efficiently to the standards required by Local Authorities.

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  • Parents Advocacy with SEND

    We support parents/carer(s) at your childs annual reviews and other meetings. We help parents to: express their concerns and understand their rights and responsibilities.

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Course Collection

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The Neurodiverse Child

Special Course

The Four Main Area Of Needs

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The Golden Thread

Special Course

Education and Health Care Plans

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Teachers International Professional Development Program (TIPDP

Teachers International Professional Development Program (TIPDP) As part of our program, both academic and administrative staff can apply for purposes

All our plans tend to foster high Aspirations and Expectations for Children and Young Persons with Special Needs.

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“It does not matter where you are going it is who you have beside you.”
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Our mission is to extend delivery of specific programs for the community at large.