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Many Local Authorities now require the services of experienced providers to achieve effective and efficient outcomes that ensure excellent consistency for the individual and the community as a whole. We are a great company with a forward-thinking and compliant style of management. We can meet your specific requirements because we are aware of the varying designs used by various local governments. We collaborate with authorities to ensure that the statutory processes and timelines outlined in the SEND Code Of Practice are followed. Our timely planning process is backed up by high-quality engagement throughout the process.Sign up with us and learn more.
We handle all EHC plans as priceless and operational documents, available to families and professionals and legally compliant to respond efficiently to the standards required by the Local Authority
One of the most exciting and intriguing aspects of our services, is our hands-on direct involvement with the parents. In our capacity, we have attended various review meetings, advised local authorities and provided training for Parents on Educational Health Care Plans.

Essentials of a good plan

It starts with the great aspirations outlined in Section A of the EHC plan. Positive aspirations are at the heart of what propels us forward in life. Aspirations can act as the guiding star that drives us forward or as the secret inner life that keeps us all going.

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Our mission is to extend delivery of specific programs for the community at large.