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"Special Education goes beyond differentiated approaches. This is far more than merely adding a provision to an existing program. We must treat every caseload with the utmost respect and care, for behind every caseload lurks precious souls waiting to be guided. It is crucial to plan well, differentiate carefully and include everyone..." Ruth D-Whyte, 21.

Welcome to So, He Cares

Our mission is to extend delivery of specific programs for the Community at large. Responding adequately to enabling young lives and building excellence in learners with special needs in an inclusive environment.

Community Workshops

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Who we are?

We are an independent service which offers  information and support to families, parents, carers of children and young people with Special Educational Needs (SEN) from birth to 25 and young people 16 to 25 independent of their parents.

One of the main current changes for parents of children with special needs and disabilities is the Children and Families Act 2014. This Act introduced the new Education, Health and Care Plans. It gives children, young people and their parents greater choice and control over decisions regarding their future.

We provide the following services:

Online inclusive daytime learning and developmental activities for a range of learners including those learning difficulties and/or experiencing disadvantage.

  1. An online social-emotional learning platform empowering our learners with interactive and virtual sessions.
  2. After School learning and activities, particularly in relation to Literacy and mathematics.
  3. A Support hub for Parents and Families.
  4. Parents advocacy services and workshops.
  5. EHCP writers and advisers and workshops
  6. Teacher/Volunteer training services and workshops including Faith Communities. 
  7. We also work alogside with our international partners helping children and young persons wuth Special needs: