Family Support Program

"Family is not an important thing. It's everything." - Michael J. Fox

We respond adequately to empowering families holistically and aim to foster an inclusive society. We employ specific strategies to empower and inspire all of our stakeholders. Our process hinges on a proactive collaboration with parents/caregivers/children/young people and partner organisations to coproduce effective strategies to aid in planning, consultation, and general engagement processes.

We will support the corporate priority to “Create Stronger Communities and Increase Resilience”.

Our services extend to the delivery of specific services for our communities. We embark on working together to enbrace inclusion through our enlightenment workshops and sessions.Everyone should have the opportunity to particpate in community activities.Inclusive services should provide value for all and this will also provide a sense of belonging regardless the disabilty or need. We want to encourage interaction and help build a well supported inclusive society through the reasonable adjustments that can be made in our various settings.

Our Workshop Events Can Include

Faith Communities

Local Authority Events



Our Service will support the following principles, which are based on Action for Advocacy’s.

Quality Standards for  Schemes:

Our timely process is supported with high-quality engagement throughout the planning stages.

Our Objectives

Outstanding Strategies

Lived experiences

Expected Outcomes

Building stronger SEND families

All family members should be able to thrive in a stable and supportive family network. Our work assists families with complex needs andproblems, such as difficulties why SEND reviews, and mental health concerns, it also includes intense family assistance and advocacy, expert educational support, as well as advice and wellbeing services.

Families are all involved in the co-production process.

We will facilitate full collaboration between education, health, and social care services to provide necessary support and provision for all our families. Our commitment is to inclusive practice and the elimination of barriers for all. We believe that positive dialogue between all stake holders is necessary to resolve disagreements to determine the appropriate course of action.

Empowering families to engage in their communities and creating positive change through caring communities.

When reviewing educational and training provision and social care provision, as well as preparing and reviewing the Local Offer, local authorities must consult children with SEN or disabilities, their parents, and young people with SEN or disabilities. It is critical for them to actively participate in decisions about the resources available to them in their community.We actively work with and support our parents, as well as represent their perspectives.

Prevent unnecessary waits and improve confidence

We provide clients throughout the educational community with effective outcome-focused solutions. We’ve seen and done it all, from children to parents and from one local community to the next. With a combined experience of over 28 years in education, we have the expertise to expand the delivery of specific projects to the entire community. We respond appropriately to enabling families and work to develop excellence in learners with disabilities in an inclusive environment.

High levels of improved financial stability and family relationships

We provide strong feedback mechanisms through our services to ensure that children, young people, and parents understand the impact of their participation. Our focus is on inclusive practices and removing barriers All services will be tailored to match needs and targeted at those who require support to improve family relationships and early intervention. To achieve this and much more, we have put provisions to respond adequately to the respected needs. We offer more excellent value for money and better services for children and young people with SEN or disabilities. We ensure preventative services, diversity, quality of care support services, and information and advice locally.

Build confidence and resilience during the SEND processes.

Children and young persons with SEND need differentiated and individualised instruction to meet their unique needs. We assist school settings by making every effort to ensure that the best possible provision is made for all our learners with high aspirations and set challenging goals. We advocate for SEND families for more positive outcomes in broader personal and social development areas and ensure evidence-based intervention.

We recognize the resilience of families and their ability to overcome challenges. We foster an environment that promotes resilience, providing families with the support and tools to navigate obstacles and build strength in the face of adversity.