Your Guide to EHCPs

What Is It and Why Is It Important to Know About in Your Parental Journey When Supporting a Child With SEND EHCP stands for Educational Health and Care Plan. When […]

Everyone has some sort of need!

“We were able to make an incontrovertible case that the genetic risk contributing to autism is genetic risk that exists in all of us, and influences our behaviour and social […]

The Online connection

It is the year 2020 and the whole world was thrown into a horrendous shock! COVID-19, a major pandemic evaded the earth and all the Humans resolved to shield themselves […]

Teaching and learning versus the lock down.

Positive teacher-student relationships — evidenced by teachers’ reports of low conflict, a high degree of closeness and support, and little dependency — have been shown to support students’ adjustment to […]

The case for Neurodiversity in our educational systems .

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Neurodiversity is a relatively new term that acknowledges that all our brains work differently. Judy Singer came up with the term in the late 1990s, an Australian sociologist. She used […]