we aim to help our children and young persons build inner Resiliance.

Early intervention for all young persons is essential to ensure that the behaviour does not become long-term. The earlier we respond to challenges faced the better we can address any underlying form of depression. Our young persons need the tools to bounce back after they have faced stress-related issues.

Inner resilience is what makes the difference and building on these skills can help to discover more likely ways to find positive ways to deal with stress, overcome problems and find healthy ways to adapt to new situations.

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We empower our clients to resolve current issues and to develop coping strategies for the future.
We provide a model for a healthy, trusting relationship through clear communication and our guide to setting appropriate boundaries.
Our goal is to acknowledge strengths, talents and gifts rather than focus on the challenges, and barriers they may face.
We are active listeners and offer support and encouragement when appropriate.

“We see more talents than challenges.”

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We support children and young persons aged between 5 – 25 years old who are Neurodiverse in nature. Neurodiverse people interact with and interprete the world in unique ways. Reducing stigma is essential around learning and thinking differences.


All our plans tend to foster high Aspirations and Expectations for
Children and Young Persons with Special Needs.

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