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Full inclusion is vital for all children even with attributes that fall outside the ever-narrowing “norm”, Without the real understanding of human differences, the society as a whole will fail…

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We offer supplemental services and assistive technology when necessary to learners who receive special education services. While the benefits of such supports can be used to meet the academic needs of students with disabilities, supplemental services can also contribute to the social needs of students in activities outside the regular school day.

Participation in our activities can have an array of social benefits for your School;

Our support staff will always be on hand to make sure any issues are dealt with quickly and effectively

All our support staff will have met our high standards.Your school can always be confident in the potential for excellence with our duties.

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Our DBS checked staff are the people behind the scenes that really make the difference as we employ enthusiastic and energetic Staff members that have the passion and  experience working with children.

We aim to make the life of working parents less stressful. This is a great place for children to

We have many activities throughout the day and each week which keeps their minds busy, active, engaged and entertained! There is a daily routine to which the children readily respond, and they can choose from a wide variety of activities, nurturing their interests and abilities. We respect each child’s individuality and our spectacular outing session make all the difference.

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Our mission is to extend delivery of specific programs for the community at large.