About So He Cares

So He Cares is a registered international  Community Interest Company established by committed educational practitioners in 2014. We are committed to working with the Community, the local council and parents alike with the aim to empower the child. The child/young person is at the heart of all our activities particularly those with learning difficulties and those experiencing social deprivation and disadvantage.

Our organization was initially motivated and established following the personal experience of the founders, who met little adequate provision for local children who either had special educational needs or were experiencing life challenges.Find out more about the founder here:
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The organization now works and engages mainly with both local and international communities. We believe in equality for all.

Our transformational project aims to empower, inspire and inform all our stakeholders especially children and young people to achieve and excel in their overall general well-being.

So He Cares provides:

So He Cares aims to give to fulfilling the lives and general expectations of learners with needs in an inclusive setting. We use multidisciplinary approaches to learning to build self-confidence in the lives of all our learners. These methods are geared towards developing social confidence and other skills that enable social inclusion and young people capable of contributing to society and benefitting from its rewards. With highly developed expertise in a range of fields, SHC provides guidance and support to all our learners.

We also work alongside with parents and the community at large by providing advocacy services. Our services also extend to delivery of specific programs for the community, adequately responding to needs identified which often include training sessions. We aim to continue to develop and deliver the subject-specific services that are most valued by our communities. With our partners in Africa and project experiences in the United Kingdom, we work effectively and efficiently. Our pledge is that we will continue to develop and deliver the subject-specific services that are most valued by our related community..


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Our Vision

To provide excellent services for our Communities.

Our Mission

We aim to extend delivery of specific programs for the Community at large. Responding adequately to enabling lives and building excellence in learners with special needs in an inclusive environment.

Our Hope

That through this time we can:

  • Build stronger families  excellent positive character traits .
  • Give great fun learning opportunities in an inclusive environment for all our learners.
  • Build and cultivate the special gifts in each unique Child.
  • Giving our families access to a wealth of knowledge.

Welcome to So, He Cares...

Our Values

Our Core Values include the following: Compassion Diligence Responsiveness Honesty and Dedication

Our Belief

We accelerate learning by accomplishing and fashioning, effective experiences and activities by helping to create a brighter future for all our learners. We can get through this!

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Our mission is to extend delivery of specific programs for the community at large.