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Social and Emotional skills sessions

Supporting social interaction plays an important part in any learners’ social life. Most Children and young person with specific needs often lack the skills to engage and interact appropriately.
Most learners are also aware of their social deficits and will avoid interactions, even though they desperately want to connect with others.
Social progress denotes a variety of skills, including scheduling and attention, sensory integration, and communication.
During our virtual sessions, we provide strategies to support this and much more.

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Supported sessions for Summer

Our supported sessions will guide your kids through each activity, and it will be an excellent opportunity to improve social skills with our dedicated online teams. We focus on social and emotional skills, including self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision-making. Emotional wellbeing and self-esteem in childhood are strongly associated with good mental health in adulthood. These skills will help children and young people identify and manage their feelings and behaviour and reach out for help where necessary and to build and manage healthy relationships.


Literacy sessions online

Sign up for our enhanced and  exciting reading sessions online. In the course of these sessions, we aim to improve our learners reading comprehension while we work across varying cognitive strategies.It is never too late to learn how to read!  Our goal is to help improve vocabulary and comprehension.


Supporting Social and Emotional Skills is our passion.

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Our goal is to target specifically designed behavioral skills. All this will be enhanced through exciting interactive sessions and activities. Managing emotions and problem-solving during Covid19.


Building positive self-esteem to all learners is now becoming more essential than ever ,they all need to be equipped with tools to deal with the negative issues of life.


Socialization is vital for sustaining healthy relationships, learners with varying disabilities, do need enhanced skills for effect socialization and we are here to help!


Our goal is to enhance reading skills through our online sessions. Regular reading increases your vocabulary and comprehension. Lets not give up on this skill,no matter the age.
Lets keep learning !
All these interactions, will lead to a greater step forwards healthier communities.


Situational awareness is one vital social skill. This skill gives room for self-confidence and prepares the learner for social encounters.


Teaching emotional skills has now become part of an essential part of studying especially regarding learners with special needs. We guide n dealing with tough emotions and practicing positive self-talk .

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