It is the year 2020 and the whole world was thrown into a horrendous shock!
COVID-19, a major pandemic evaded the earth and all the Humans resolved to shield themselves from the devastating effect of the disease.

Educationally speaking, the learners were also not left out, they tried as hard as they could to lock themselves away with various protective measures.
While we all watched, the inevitable come to play and the time has now come for us to face the storm before us all.
Personally, I began to carefully unfold the very many attributes online learning could have over any learner.

Effective online learning had to take a different style.
Teachers had to device means to reach their learners.
Many educational organizations fought hard to keep the trend going while others just could not get over the shock!

I would watch to see some mischievous learners, deliberately switching off the video section and doze off, while lessons were ongoing.
Unprepared learners who sought to use that same period to browse other tabs on the specific device being used.

However, through all this I discovered immeasurable strengths and the very determination to succeed from a myriad of teachers who were passionate enough to see the online connection succeed.
My positive observations of effective online connection between the learner and the lead learner could be summed up here:

-The online connection creates room for a higher level of concentration and attention.
Learners are expected to brace themselves for the entire session!
Give good eye contact and respond effectively to the respective assessment strategies.

We can also observe increased interaction and basic increase in IT skills all geared towards building confidence in the lives of all learners….
Watch this space for more on the online connection ?

Ruth D-Whyte