The Secrets of knowing.

If you have ever wondered about some diverse situations you may have faced with some children , then you are reading the right article. This is because you are about to discover a simple  method for understanding such issues  better.

Read on…The iceberg encapsulates the impression that what we see on the surface is underpinned by a superior hidden depth. All learners in one way or the other have an underpinned hidden need. Some of these learners may display these hidden challenges through a set of volatile eruptions in the classroom, at home, at the shops or even on the streets.

Others may show little or no outbursts which make it even much more difficult to discover the hidden challenge beneath any given behaviours.

Learners with varying challenges may display their challenges and others may conceal their encounters by working with a range of compensatory strategies and strengths.

Superficially, some of these learners may seem to be doing well, but, below the surface, they may be fighting to keep up.

What can we watch out for?

Watch out for the triggers:

With respect to behavioural challenges. a trigger is a situation that leads to an inappropriate response. We may hear noises, sounds, emotions, that may signal an episode of uncooperative behaviour. Parents and Carers find it easy to become familiar with, most likely from past experiences.

Your child’s cues may come differently with just one facial expressions , changes in attitude, sweating, being withdrawn, or getting irritable. Anticipating these triggers, can be very helpful and this is definitely a huge advantage in guarding future triggers.