“The will to win, the desire to succeed and the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.


The will, the desire, the determination, the tenacity to excel are all varying alternative expressions for the term, “aspiration.

Aspiration is one of the major aspects of a visual board. The purpose of a vision board is to bring everything to life which pictures your goals. Aspiration is also classified as one of the essential aspects of an EHCP for children and young persons with special needs.

Aspiration is also the motivating factor that drives effective learning in any classroom.

How do we discover our children’s aspirations effectively? 

  • Help your child or children communicate those secret desires. It could be explored through pictures, videos, and actions: However, it is communicated, let the communication come through.
  • Help them set goals that are personal and inspire them to reach new heights. The passion and the will would create a great sense of purpose that will motivate action.
  • Transform your way of thinking and acting American writer Earl Nightingale once said, “our attitude towards life determines life’s attitude towards us”.
  • Build the pillars that hold up your child’s self-esteem. Self-esteem is dependent on what we think of ourselves. It not only what we think, but also how we feel and behave. It influences every aspect of our lives. We remain positive with confidence and self-respect.

How can we help them grapple with self-identity?

  • Help them discover what they love ?
  • Help them discover what they are they good at?
  • Build the growth mindset in your children ?
  • Work through any form of negativity.
  • Learn to appreciate the gifts and talents your children have?

What does the community or world at large need?

  • Help your children discover their mission and how they can apply skills in ways to be helpful around the world.
  • Help them discover what they can get paid for, what can they  do for a living?
  • Let’s help them identify and fine tune their ways to discover and explore who they are.

When is it all good enough?

  • Learning to be good enough is very helpful to abstain from perfection.
  • Parent’s aspirations should not be your child aspirations.

Some of the standards set are unrealistic and totally uncalled for especially with regards to the child’s own valued aspirations! Let our children make those great choices, while we guide them to see who and what they have been called to be 🙏🏿

One of my first son’s failure came with a singing competition. We had to travel quite far for the competition, we had practiced high and dry and were full of so much hope. I mean my son aspired to win ! Unfortunately, we failed and did not meet up to the related criteria. That never stopped me from challenging my son to continue with his role and great aspiration. Today, he is a great leader in gospel music and scaling through his excellence. We must aim for reasonably achievable goals which will aid in making persistent and consistent progress.

Breaking down these aspirations can help to build self-esteem once little goals are achieved. We walked through and celebrated each achievement. Celebrate each achievement even if it’s sitting in a learning session for 10 minutes. Celebrate deliberately and expectantly, we all can achieve !

Ruth D-Whyte




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