About Us

About Us

We believe in Excellence.

So He Cares is a registered international Community Interest Company established by committed educational practitioners in 2014. We are committed to working with the Community, the local council and parents alike with the aim to empower the child. The child/young person is at the heart of all our activities particularly those with learning difficulties and those experiencing social deprivation and disadvantage.
Our organization was initially motivated and established following the personal experience of the founders, who met little adequate provision for local children who either had special educational needs or were experiencing life challenges. The organization now works and engages mainly with both local and international communities.

Our Mission

We aim to extend the delivery of specific programs for the Community at large. Responding adequately to enabling lives and building excellence in special-needs learners in an inclusive environment. The delivery of our model will build stronger families. Stronger families give love, protection, and a secure base for growing up. Family is of importance and impacts children’s well-being and development. All our services are tailored to match needs and targeted at those who require support. We help families understand their rights and ensure parents have their voices heard and respected We help give information to help parents consider options & make informed choices. We also support in understanding child protection and court processes. Early help avoids further impairment and re-occurrence of problems.

Our Hope

That through this time we can:

  • Provide a platform for high quality documents.
  • Be a part of the Co-production and Co-planning services.
  • Build stronger families with excellent positive character traits .
  • Actively respond to the challenges faced in our Local Communities.
  • Be responsive to the needs of Special Needs Families.
  • Play our own role in dilligently using our strengths for various challnges in the SEND community.
  • Build and cultivate the special gifts in each unique Child.
  • Giving our families access to a wealth of knowledge.
  • Foster higher aspirations and outcomes for all our learners while we help out with writing EHCP’s.
  • Share our own quota to building resiliance in the lives of families.

Our Service Categories

So many academic goals that we expect you to achieve.

Parents Advocacy Services

We deliver friendly advice and workshop sessions for Parents. These workshops will provide the much needed support for parents of children and young persons with Special Needs.

Community Workshops

Our services extend to the delivery of specific services for our communities. We embark on working together to enbrace inclusion through our enlightenment workshops and sessions.

EHCP Writers

We handle all EHC plans as priceless and operational documents, available for families and professionals and legally compliant to respond efficiently to the standards required by Local Authorities.

Online Courses

Our online courses offers all our leaners an efficient way to learn. They are accesssible,affordable and highly suitable for a variety of learning styles.

UK Training and Workshop program

This self-improving system relies on high-performing schools and effective school leaders working beyond the parameters of their own institutions to support others.

Online Teachers Professional Development

Teachers International Professional Development Program (TIPDP)
As part of our program, both academic and administrative staff can apply for purposes of either teaching or training.


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Our mission is to extend delivery of specific programs for the community at large.