Supporting Special Needs

We empower

The child or young person is the heart beat of our activities. We aim to teach the necessary skills all geared towards building portential. Our goal is to reduce the barriers that hinder inclusion while we adhere to the updated policies regarding equality forall.

We inform

At So He Cares, through our diversified workshops and friendly services we inform and update parents with relevant legislation and build on enabling support hubs for parents.

Our Hope

That through this time we can:

  • Build all our learners with Positive character traits.
  • Give great fun learning opportunities for all our learners.
  • expose our Children to learning activities that will further aid them in learning.
  • Build and cultivate the special gifts in each unique Child.

Our Values

Our Core Values include the following:
and Dedication

Our Belief

We accelerate learning by accomplishing and fashioning, effective experiences and activities by helping to create a brighter future for all our learners. We can get through this!