“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out.” Robert Collier

It was Thursday afternoon, my shopping day! I had to race down to the nearest shop to get groceries just in time for my first sons return from his long trip. I hurriedly picked up some fruits and some gluten free stuff he loves and requires. Then the phone call came buzzing through from my second sons school. As a parent of a child with special needs, when your cell phone buzzes between school hours a feeling of panic may race through. Seeing the school’s name on the caller ID, makes our heart race, and sets all sorts of imaginations in.

I have tried so hard to keep calm each time the call comes through, but i always betray myself halfway through. Unfortunately, the call came simultaneously with my turn at the till. I could not resist the urge to respond to the call, while I tried hard to pack my foodstuffs alongside. It was my son’s teacher at the end of the call.
Fortunately, she gave me such delightful news that i almost dropped !
\”Hello Mrs Whyte she said, not to worry and your son is okay. Just wanted to let you know that your son is doing really well and has made giant strides with his school work.\” I mean…my son had made such great strides that day with respect to his writing and attention to detail in school.
I could not believe my ears; I ignored the stares from the ladies waiting at the end of the queue as well as the eyes of the sales lady who looked at me with disdain while I relished every word. Clutching my fingers round the phone and ramming my outer ear closer to my handset to lessen the surrounding noises i listened. I listened over again to those great words we all need to hear, could she repeat that louder, could she say those great phases over again. I mean I would love to have this moment recorded and where is that record button! Every word meant the world to me and I could only whisper a word of gratitude to the only one i had hoped in. Thank you, JESUS, I WHISPERED!! The call had to end once the message had been passed and the teacher had to get back to her duties. I expressed my gratitude and ended the call while I quickly packed up the rest of my stuff and paid for my groceries. I raced back to my car and drove straight to my sons’ favourite chips and chicken shop. I bought as much as I could and went straight back home, waiting for his arrival. My boy arrived 30 minutes later and there I was with my arms wide open and his favourite meal, congratulating him for his excellence!
My first son also arrived some moments later and we equally had so much to celebrate regading his recent adventures. What is your child’s excellence? As parents we can be so focused on the challenges we face, that we fail to see and celebrate the little improvements our children make. Poor behaviour and performances are quickly reviled in our minds. Our mindsets can bring us down while we do not just focus but also thrive on such negative experiences. In Education teachers watch out for developmental milestones, especially the formative years. Experience has also taught us that all milestones are not achieved at the same time for all children. As such, most teachers cherish the moments when they discover children achieving milestones even after they passed the developmental stages. Its time to change our mind set, it is time to see those beautiful smiles, those little milestones that we may have taken for granted.
My milestone for my child may be completely different from yours. Each milestone is completely unique to each unique child It is time to celebrate and let us make the difference together!

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